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Interesting Kimono facts

Originally, Kimono was the Japanese word for clothing. It is the Japanese traditional garment. During its popularity, there are some facts about Kimono. This is considered as the traditional clothes for Japanese people. Actually, it would be better to try it when you come to Japan. The dress is very beautiful with prints. When more and more people are interested in wearing it, what is about you? If you think that the kimono is boring, it is wrong. Why? Kimono comes with patterns and colors. Regardless of the location you will visit, in Japan you will be served with the different kinds of Kimono. To stay more beautiful, make sure that you choose the kimono based on your favorite color

To fight the issue about kimono, here is what you can read. Do you know why wearing these traditional clothes are not bored? Similar to modern outfits, kimono is also made with the different style and design. In the past it was very heavy, so people did not feel comfortable to wear it. People began to make it simpler after the Heian period. On the other hand, kimono can be one of your expensive clothes collections. Why? The fabric of kimono mostly is from silk or silk brocade. Those fabrics are expensive. It does not allow everybody to use these clothes. Only high class people can afford Kimonos. Fortunately, there is kimono which made from the polyester, rayon, and cotton. If you aim to wear it for special event and want to show off, choosing the kimono which is made from silk is good.

Different kimono color is able to wear for the different event. If you love to wear it and should attend the funeral event, you can wear subdued colored kimono in black, blue or brown. In contrary, for a formal visit, you can wear the elegant design. Men can wear kimono to go to special events.


How to wear Yukata

As mentioned previously, both men and women can wear Japanese traditional clothes either Yukata or kimono. The men kimono was worn everyday in the fast. In this modern era, men use it only to go to special events which force them to wear it. If you want to look more different during wearing traditional clothes, you can try the Yukata. During summer season, both men and women can wear Yukata. This clothing is made of the cotton where the fabric is more breathable. This is popular for dressing up for the summer events. Do you have the special event in the next summer? When you answer yes, then you can check your wardrobe. If you do not have it at all, we suggest you to find the best quality Yukata.

Don't you know? Compared to kimono, yukata has much fewer components. Perhaps you can wear it within few minutes. Yukata is made of cotton, so it is not necessary to wear a nagajuban underneath. As woman, you will need the adjustment of the lenghts of your clothes. For this purpose, you can make an ohashori fold. The obi worn with yukata is more informal.

Of course, your appearance will be more perfect when wearing the footware. Use the traditional sandal, geta to complete your yukata. This is a couple of informal sandal made of wood for all seasons. Yes, you can wear it although the summer season has gone. It does not matter you will add a brooch-like accessory or not. If you want to look more fashionable, sure, you can add your yukata with that accessory. Wearing these traditional clothe is even simple for men. Do you want to buy yukata for your loved man and you? No, you should not go to Japan. If you live in the different country, later you can contact your personal designer. Ask him where you can find both men and women yukata.

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